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Who am I? I approach my work as a blend of coaching and consulting services

I approach my work as a blend of coaching and consulting services with the purpose of helping people make successful decisions in the areas of education, life, work and career.

  • The step-by-step advocacy and coaching I provide improves executive functions skills, and ability to set and accomplish objectives related to enhancing career goals, educational plans, organizational and executive skills. Individuals appreciate how to use their strengths more effectively and feel more confident to create action plans for achieving goals.
  • My access to resources, tools, exercises, innovative and creative ideas help adults and teens explore potential career options. Through my training as a Holistic Narrative Career Professional I guide individuals through their story to uncover strengths and desires, as they pursue prospective career and life futures. Clients discover personal character strengths and abilities applicable towards their future. Together we make plans for realizing goals.
  • I have assisted 100’s of teens and adults understand their learning profile, appreciate their strengths and weaknesses, and develop plans to improve performance at school, work and life. I have experience working with individuals who have Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and individuals struggling with mild depression, anxiety and executive functioning issues.
  • My clients’ needs are my highest priority. I am resourceful, practical and effective and a clear communicator. I provide encouragement, coaching, advice, and practical direction, every step of the way, to help possibilities become reality.

Learning from each “hat” I have worn over the past 25 years has given me opportunities to share knowledge and stories with clients and colleagues so we all learn from each other.

What a wonderful journey. It is inspiring to share my clients' enthusiasm for their future.

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Testimonials or what makes Nava more than your average consultant

Lead interactive Career Management Workshops (resume to job search to interview preparation) for students of the Sound and Music recording program during third term of program, followed up with individual coaching sessions.

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Recent Testimonials:
- This was the most interactive class we've had and I learned so much.Wish we had this course earlier in the program. 
- Awesome class. Thank you.
- These workshops were very helpful and Nava is a very knowledgeable instructor. PG
- It would have been good to have more classes and more time to practice everything being taught. 
- Alumni Panel really helpful.
- The mock interviews were very helpful.
- The depth of the info for writing my cover letters and resumes was great.

More testimonials

  • My favorite thing about working with Nava is that you can tell she is devoted to her profession and is passionate about what she does. She always ensures that each session with her is enriching and valuable. I can honestly say I have always learned or improved with each of Nava's sessions. JP
  • Thank you so much for all your help, I learned how to write a great resume that will get past the computer to get to a human! I got yet another call on a resume I sent since speaking with you. JD
  • I GOT THE JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for ALL of your coaching, reading and visual recommended materials; most of all your patience and availability; your expertise and dedication in the field is second to none. Y.T.
  • Nava was a wonderful career counsellor, and gave me a great deal of helpful advice. She worked with me to find a solution that would accommodate my eye issues. I would highly recommend her to others, as she has a wealth of knowledge, and is able to pinpoint the areas to work on that the person themselves might have trouble identifying. Even when a new opportunity presented itself, she was able to frame it in such a way as to give me ideas on how to make the most of it! I feel privileged to have been able to work with Nava. W.G.
  • I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you've done to help me on this journey of career exploration. I was initially hesitant to reach out to our EAP program but, after my sessions with you, I am so grateful that I made the decision to ask for help. Your patience, guidance and advice have made a significant impact on me and I feel more inspired and assured that I am now on the right track. I could not have done it without your support. F.S.


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